digitalundivided’s (DID) mission is to foster economic growth in minority communities by finding, supporting, and growing women of color entrepreneurs. A hybrid organization, DID accomplishes this by providing high potential Black and Latina women entrepreneurs with the network, coaching, and funding to build and scale their companies. Like no one else, DID excels at 1) finding Black and Latina women entrepreneurs with high growth companies and game changing ideas, 2) connecting them to an unmatched network of investors, mentors, and influencers, 3) developing their start-up toolkit and leadership skills, and 4) supporting their entrepreneurship journey from the build phase to exit with the goal of helping create companies that have a strong positive impact on the economic health of their local communities.

We invest where others won’t. Champion what others don’t. And we’re not worried about diversity numbers, we’re solving a new equation:

Black and Latina women Founders
+ their big ideas and high growth companies
+ our training, networking, and funding
= something the startup world has never seen before

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