Get access to all of the great events, resources and conversations on digitalundivided join the community
Get access to all of the great events, resources and conversations on digitalundivided join the community

digitalundivided (DID) is a social enterprise that develops programs that increase the active participation of urban communities, especially women, in the digital space.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to increase wealth within urban communities through engagement in the tech space.

While black companies receive less than 1 percent of all venture funding, 20 percent of our FOCUS Fellows have raised angel and venture funding. We reach over 6 million people via our #DIDTECHTALK series on Twitter. Over 1000 urban entrepreneurs have been educated by our projects. How do we do this? Through the use of our evidence-based digitalundivided (DID) model.

The DID Model

The DID model is based on four key areas: START, GROW, FOCUS and INVEST. Entrepreneurs START with an idea, then GROW that idea into a company. With FOCUS, the idea becomes a business ready for funding and partnerships, and the success of the business allows us to then INVEST in other communities or START again with a new idea.


A workshop series focused on teaching urban entrepreneurs how to THINK BIG and turn their ideas into a product. Learn more about START »


A network of small groups and meet-ups that allow entrepreneurs to network and support each other through the development of their companies.


A program that mentors, develops and advises tech companies with black women as cofounders. Twenty percent of our FOCUS Fellows have received funding from angel and/or venture investors. A major part of this program is the annual #FOCUS100 Start-up Boot Camp and Symposium.Learn more about FOCUS »


A project focused on developing and supporting investments in tech companies from the urban community. See a list of companies that DID formally advises.

Who We Are

Kathryn Finney Managing Director
Darlene Gillard Jones Partnership Director, Community & Events
Denitria Lewis Social Media Manager
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