#FOCUS100 Recap and plans for the future

The 2014 #FOCUS100 conference was a great success! As promised digitalundivided brought together some of the most influential thought leaders in tech, top and a few “Old G’s” sharing their stories from the trenches. It’s still catching fire on twitter from the feeling shared, and some big news we announced on the last day…

The placement gaps and perception of people of color and women in tech is the buzz of the moment, literally on the tip of everyones’ tongues in media, and illustrated by some of the speakers at FOCUS.

Global Mobile Hackathon logo

#FOCUS100 Global Mobile Hackathon!

#FOCUS100 Global Mobile Hackathon was unlike any other hack ever experienced! For the first time the power of the ideas was placed in the hands of young kids. They were the subject matter experts consulting with developers on what skills and tools were needed to solve their problem. YES, the students were the CEOs!

digitalundivided’s Global Mobile Hack is a day long hackathon dedicated to creating innovative ways to increase access to data/information on mobile platforms in urban communities around the world.