We would like to thank the incredible staff of digitalundivided, with a particular thanks to Sheila Miranda, who was the primary fact-checker and led the data collection team, and Tracy Teel of Finesse Writing and Editing, whose editing helped bring our research to life. We would also like to thank Crunchbase and Angellist for allowing us to access their databases to conduct additional research and reduce the selection bias of our data set.

A big hearty thanks to Gayle Jennings O’Bryne (Maya Ventures), Tobias Wright (Conde Nast), Brian Laung (KEC Ventures),  Darlene Gillard (digitalundivided), Danielle Robinson Bell (digitalundivided), Lauren Maillian (Gen Y Capital & Oxygen), xxx and Rachel Sklar (The, who read early drafts of the report and provided invaluable feedback and guidance.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank the Founders who submitted their information, shared with us their visions, and who continue to inspire the work of digitalundivided.