BIG Incubator General FAQ

What is an Incubator?  

An Incubator works with aspiring entrepreneurs to develop disruptive ideas with the hope of building out a business model and company.  Incubators are fixed-term, cohort-based programs that offer intensive training, mentorship, and co-working space. The programs culminate in a demo day, where the entrepreneurs present their streamlined, late-early stage business pitches to investors, accelerators, and the entrepreneurial community who have resources to take the company into its later stages.  

What is the BIG Incubator Atlanta Program?

The BIG Incubator Program is an invite-only, 9-month business incubator program for up to 20 startups led by Black and Latinx women.  BIG provides a structured, Lean-Startup focused curriculum across four modules that take founders from an idea to a viable business. It’s packed with learning, experience, mentorship by top leaders, speakers, and networking.  It culminates with Demo Day where entrepreneurs pitch directly to investors, BIG’s Pathway Partners, and digitalundivided’s community.

When is the next BIG Incubator Atlanta Program?

Applications for the BIG 2019 Incubator will open on 2018 Demo Day, December 6th.  

What are you looking for?

We know that the Incubator process is full of twists, turns and pivots.  Yes, we consider your idea, the problem you want to address, or other starting point for the program.   Primarily, we are interested in you because hustle, courage, resilience, brains, commitment, motivation and personal growth of the entrepreneur are primary ingredients for success at this stage.

What does the program look like?

The Incubator kicks off in early February with START, a Lean Startup ideation weekend.  From that weekend, up to 20 founders will be invited into the Incubator, which begins late February and culminates with 2019 Demo Day.

Incubator has four modules:  Customer Development, Product Development, Company Development and a Pitch Seminar.  The first three modules are 10 weeks long and consist of workshop-styled labs two nights a week where founders learn and put into motion key company building components related to the module.  The final module, Pitch Seminar, is a five-week deep dive into effectively communicating your product and company.

The curriculum-based part of the program is complemented by mentor-founder focused events, plenty of office hours with the digitalundivided team and mentors, and our Confident Founders program which explores founders’ personal side of technology entrepreneurship.  

Incubator founders have co-working space available and they participate in digitalundivided’s events, such as Innovation Thursday, Lunch and Learns and Book Club.  

Who’s the digitalundivided team?

The digitialundivided team has deep experience in technology entrepreneurship and building communities.  You can meet us here.  Our team is augmented by talented and successful mentors - individuals who  look like our founders and have been where they are.

What happens at the end of the Incubator?

Upon completion of the Incubator, founders go into one of three paths.  Founders that are ready, go into a national accelerator. We have a network of Pathway Partners to make this happen.  Founders who have sufficient revenues may decide to take the “bootstrapping” path to gain more traction. Third, other founders discover they need to pivot again and take what they’ve done into the next version of their company.

To get a better idea of what this is like, check out the video from 2017 Demo Day where six founders presented.  Of the six, 1 founder was accepted into a national accelerator, 1 founder was a finalist for a national accelerator, another founder is revenue-positive building her company, and two founders pivoted and continue to work on their companies.

What can I do now?

Check out The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and The Startup Owner’s Manual  by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf.  Our startup development model is heavily based on the frameworks and teachings from these books.  

If you have an idea, a company, or not, know that all startup ideas morph, change, and pivot as they search for a sustainable business model.  So, any and all you do with your idea is important. Be curious. See what is in the market. Learn from founders’ stories of success and failure.  

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If you are in Atlanta, come to our space and check it out.  Come to our events and meet other founders and learn from the experienced people who have done the work.  Our community is engaged and unique in that we know the importance of founders being with others who look like them and have been where they are.


Logistical FAQs

Do I need to live in Atlanta during the program?

The program takes place in Atlanta with program components offered throughout the week.  Residing in Atlanta will make the program more accessible and rich, but that being said, we’ve watched creative women do what they need to do.

I’m not a Black or Latina Woman. Can I still apply?

If you have an idea partner who is a Black or Latina woman and that founder is an equal and/or majority equity partner, then she may apply and you may attend as her co-founder.

Does the program offer investment?

BIG does not offer investment.

Does the program offer housing?

No.   Past founders have found easy and accessible options through site like Airbnb.

Is there is a cost to the Incubator programs?

Yes.  There is a modest fee for START weekend and for each Incubator module.  Specific details will be available when applications are open.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities for participation fees?

There are none available at this time.

Still have questions?

Let us know.  Contact us at