digitalundivided is Going BIG in 2016

At digitalundivided we have a mantra: Go Big or Go Home

And with 48 companies built, $13 million in investments raised, and 2000 Founders reached — we DID that! 
But this type of entrepreneurial success often eludes Black and Latina women Founders. Those whose grit and hustle are unmatched but often go unnoticed. Those with ideas and dreams that are groundbreaking and game changing, but still go unfunded.
This is where we come in.
We’re all about investing where others won’t. Championing what others don’t. We’re doubling down on opportunities that others consider small bets.

We’re not worried about your diversity numbers, we’re solving a new equation: Black and Latina women Founders + their big ideas and high growth companies + our training, networking, and funding = something the startup world has never seen before.
So when the tech scene learns what the women in our global community have done, we’re pretty sure their first reaction will be, quite simply: #sheDIDthat
…and she DID it BIG!

We’re looking for others who think BIG as well. Who understand optics is nothing without outcomes. That vision and impact go hand in hand.

Because small ideas don’t change the world.