ProjectDiane FAQ

What is ProjectDiane?

Named after Civil Rights icon Diane Nash, ProjectDiane is digitalundivided’s ongoing proprietary data initiative that provides a quantitative snapshot of the state of Black and Latinx women founders in the entrepreneurship and innovation economies. The first report, ProjectDiane 2016, was published in 2016. ProjectDiane 2018 is the second published study under this initiative.

What is digitalundivided’s role in ProjectDiane?

digitalundivided is the owner, publisher, and lead author and researcher of ProjectDiane.

Who conducts the research?

ProjectDiane research is led by a team of dedicated researchers from digitalundivided and includes input and support from scholars and academicians from research institutions across the country.

What is the research method?

ProjectDiane 2018 research methodology can be found in the pages of the report and on the interactive website.

How do I cite ProjectDiane?

  1. ProjectDiane should always be written as one word, cap P, cap D. No hashtag except as part of, or when referencing in, social media posts. Example: ProjectDiane

  2. There are two published ProjectDiane reports. The first was published in 2016. The most recent report was published in 2018. When referencing ProjectDiane as either a body of work (no data) or specific data, cite as follows: digitalundivided’s ProjectDiane (insert year). Example: digitalundivided’s ProjectDiane 2018

  3. Official description: digitalundivided’s ongoing, proprietary research initiative, ProjectDiane, is a biennial demographic study on the state of Black women founders.

Where can I download the report?

Both ProjectDiane 2018 and ProjectDiane 2016 can be downloaded here.

I am a Black or Latinx woman founder and I’d like to be included in report’s database. How do I go about this?

If you would like to have your company included in the ProjectDiane database, please submit your info here.

Who should I contact for media requests?

Please send all media requests to

Who should I contact for general questions?

Please send all general inquiries to